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Property is a big investment – have it checked for defects to save you from spending more money on unbudgeted maintenance and unexpected repairs later including a major headache!

Hip Hip management Team was being trained to conduct the site inspection for defects while preparing report for investor.

Critical Areas to Inspect in Your Property

Investing in rental property can be highly rewarding if successful, as it can help build your net worth and make a profit by generating a steady monthly income. But as may of us are aware, purchasing a house is a long and expensive process which requires a vast amount of knowledge.

Upon receiving the keys to your unit, checking for defects is a vital process which is commonly overlooked by many. Whether you need help to conduct a pre-purchase defects inspection or to inspect your property before tenant check out, engage our professional team to conduct a defect checking for these points :

  • Defective roofing/ceiling
  • Structural deficiencies
  • Defective plumbing, dampness, leakages & electrical safety
  • Slopes stability, retaining walls and drainage
  • Safety, Security, Regulatory checks i.e. unsafe & illegal renovation

Defect Report Submission

Once all the defects have been discovered and marked accordingly, we begin to prepare and compile a report for submission to the investor. Our architects will guide you on future renovations and improvements according to the defect report.