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Improve tenant satisfaction while decreasing your interactions.
All experienced landlords have their share of tenant horror stories. With Hip Hip Management, you don’t have to worry about negative tenant experiences. Our management solutions and services take the burden off you. Let our team solve the hassles between you and your tenants. We offer services that include: tenant room viewing, check-in and check-out, rental collection, housekeeping, concierge service, house maintenance, and complaint management.

Tenant Room Viewing

You’ll get professional assistance from our dedicated Hip Hip Management agents. We’ll assist on behalf of landlords to make appointments and answer potential tenant queries. Take the stress off your shoulders as the landlord and let a professional handle the work for you.

Key Collection

Take advantage of our specialized key collection service. Our team of trained experts will handle all your key collections to give you a stress-free experience. We keep precise records to ensure that only a verified property agent or service provider handles your keys.
Professional key management elevates you of any burdens and minimizes liability.

Rent Collection

Get paid on-time, every time.
Our team of collection specialist will work diligently to make sure you’re always paid the right amount on the right day. You won’t have to worry about forgetting to collect rent or experience late collections. Our teams have years of experience and handle even the most difficult situations in a respectful yet tough manor.

Property Maintenance

Reduce vacancies and maintenance costs.
We have a designated maintenance team to do regular, monthly check-ins on your property and handle the maintenance. Hip Hip Management takes care of tenant’s complaints on minor defects; we do a simple check via phone or email, we offer quotation proposition to landlord or tenant and we assign the work to the selected service provider. Our qualified team follows up to ensure maintenance tasks are performed properly and to expectations.